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In this area we are mostly involved in matters concerned with bank agreement legislation, savings and loan associations and financial regulation legislation including capital market and securities trading legislation. In this area we act for various banks on an ongoing basis. In select cases we also advise and represent borrowers or investors. Ongoing consultancy for companies which operate filling station and service cards business in the road transport sector represents a specialist area.

The main areas of emphasis of our work are:

  • Loan agreement matters, in particular those in connection with conclusion or termination of loan agreements
  • Provision of loan securities (conception and contract draft)
  • Liquidation of loan collateral including representation of guarantors in insolvency proceedings
  • Monitoring loan and security pools in their constitution and implementation stages
  • Payment transactions including card business
  • Defence against or in select instances enforcement of claims in connection with financial investments (securities, funds, real estate property and company shareholdings)
  • Financial regulatory and savings and loan association legislation
  • Financing operations (including leasing and factoring)